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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Saturday!

So, it has finally thawed out a bit enough to actually wear real clothes. Real clothes meaning not hoards of sweaters tucked under a coat with 2 pairs of leggings and jeans on top. 
I told Tony as we were grocery shopping that I wanted to wear a laurel crown at our (eventual and in no means impending) wedding. At first, he has no idea what a laurel wreath was, but once I started to explain, he suddenly went "Oh, like Caesar!" I wasn't really going for a Roman dictator, but sure, like Caesar. 
Just a short little outfit for the day, I have a long and grueling day ahead of me. 
Beret-Target|Dress (worn under)-Thrift|Blouse-Thrift|Sweater-Thrift|Socks-Target|Oxfords-Thrift

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Have a wonderful and safe Saturday!


  1. Cute look!!


  2. You look very pretty! I love the grey sweater with a tad of sparkles in it

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