OUTFIT | April Showers and May Flowers

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"April showers bring May flowers."
Sure it does. Though, I'm pretty sure the wind from an oncoming storm destroys flowers instead of giving them life. 

There's a storm brewing. Literally, not metaphorically. As I took these, I could see the sky turn darker and darker. Scary.
It is incredibly windy out. I wasn't holding my hat for fun, I was trying to keep it from flying off. My balcony is pretty enclosed, but the wind kept tugging at my dress and hat. I recently thrifted this dress, and it's from Target. It's funny because I was recently searching Target's site for some deals on dresses, and I saw this exact one, but I didn't like the price so I didn't buy it. Lo and behold, next day I find it while thrifting. Oh, thrift store, you can cut the labels off of the dresses all you want, but I know this is from Target. I paired this summer dress with my thrifted boater hat and thirfted ankle booties.
I know there has been some terrible storms down south and in some of the Midwest. I hope you're all staying safe!
Boater Hat-Thrift|Dress-Thrift|Boots-Thrift

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  1. I love your dress! :)



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