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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a music junkie. 
I can't stand silence--I have to have music going all the time, otherwise I'll go insane.
I like a lot of music, but I only listen to a few bands religiously. 

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend is one of those bands that you look at the name and you go "no."
It sounds like a band trapped in 2007, trying to imitate the likings of My Chemical Romance and The Used. But, they're not. Vampire Weekend is an inde rock band formed in New York, known for their pop infused choruses and afrobeat trances. They recently won the Grammy for the Best Alternative Album for their album "Modern Vampires in the City".
Vampire Weekend makes me want to wear collared blouses under sweaters with oxfords. 

Favorite Album: Modern Vampires of the City
Recommended Songs: Unbelievers, Step, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, Diane Young, Holiday

Chances are, you've heard Pompeii. But, Bastille is more than just one catchy song, they have a full album full of them. They deserve more hype than one song can get them. I like Bastille because their lyrics are so unbelievably good. You can feel the meaning and metaphors in them, and they're incredibly quotable.

Favorite Album: All This Bad Blood
Recommended Songs: The Weight of Living Pt.1, The Weight of Living Pt. 2, Bad Blood, Things We Lost in the Fire, Flaws, Laura Palmer

Passion Pit
Passion Pit was an accident to me. I was on YouTube, watching a video and I accidentally clicked on a video for one of their songs, and I fell in love.
Michael Angelako's voice is such an unexpected pleasure. Passion Pit feels like happiness, and it always makes me peppy and I can't help but to bob my head to the beat.

Favorite Album: Gossamer
Recommended Songs: Little Secret, Carried Away, I'll Be AlrightCry Like a Ghost

Mumford & Sons

Cue the banjo and fiddle, Mumford & Sons are here.
I don't know if it's the lyrics, the aggressive English voices or the beards, but there is something so undeniable about Mumford & Sons. They're my aesthetic--they feel like the color brown and their lyrics are almost always allegorical. Marcus Mumford's voice is an ocean of deep verses, and I can't help but to fall in.
Mumford & Sons sounds so much better through headphones than out loud. You can really feel the brood, the feeling, that way. Mumford & Sons makes me want to frolic through fields with a flower crown while planning the demise of my enemies. 

Favorite Album: Sigh No More
Recommended Songs: Thistle & Weeds, Little Lion Man, The Cave, I Gave You All, White Blank Page

I'm starting a new series on the blog called "Katie does". I do a lot of things that are not fashion related, like enjoying movies and listening to music. So, I wanted to share my favorites of favorites with you all.

What are your favorite bands? Recommend me some jams down below and I;ll be sure to check them out! English or not.

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