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Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's fall in Indiana. It's undeniable. The AC is turned off, the windows are open, and the chill of the air has people "brr"ing through out.
I love it.

Cardigan--Target//Scarf--Thrift//Button Down--Thrift
Skirt--Forever 21//Boots--Thrift

It is so cliche, but I just really love the fall. I don't like thunderstorms--I'm genuinely terrified of them--and bugs aren't my favorite things in the world, so Summer has more drawbacks to me than fall does. Fall means sweaters, tights and scarves, and coffee in a paper cup. It's anticipating the leaves falling and being excited when the leaves finally change from green to yellow. Fall is just a fantastic season.


  1. love this outfit & your skirt! & I'm jealous you get to experience fall already! ;)

  2. I NEED A CARDIGAN ASAP. Like a grey one or something.



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