Monday, September 15, 2014

Vinted is my number one source of clothing nowadays--it's so convenient to sit on my laptop or phone and look at great clothes than it is to drive to a thrift store and scour. Vinted and I, along with a few other bloggers, have all come together to share our closet organization tips, tricks, and our perfect fall outfit.

This is my closet. 
I have a sliding door closet that is filled to the brim with clothes and boots. 

I'm a small closeted girl. I know there are many of you out there like me, who dream of walk in closets with unlimited rack space, but the reality of it is, I'm a 21 year old collegiate with in a live-in boyfriend and limited closet space. So, I make do with what I can. I would love to have a nicely lit room dedicated to my clothes, but to me, that's unrealistic and a bit far fetched

Keeping your closet organized and neat is an ordeal, especially in a small space. I feel your pain. But fear not! I have some useful tips and tricks that will help you keep your closet clean, organized, and optimized for outfit building!

To keep your closet organized, it's always good to group like items together.
My organization goes as so: dresses--strapless to sleeved, sleeveless tops, tees, collarless long sleeve tops, collared sleeveless tops, collared long sleeve blouses, cardigans, sweaters--cropped to oversized, and outerwear. After I group them together, I arrange them.

When creating outfits and getting inspired, color is always what draws me. A color coordinated outfit is the best, and having your closet organized by color is incredibly beneficial.
ROYGBIV might be good for those closets that have a decent amount of colors in them, but my closet is more neutral with pops of color and patterns, so I organize by color in a different way.
I start with the black items of every individual group, and place them in front. Then the lighter items, like grey, and cream, behind the black items. When it comes to patterned clothing, I arrange it by the colors as well, if it has more red, it's red. If it's more black, than it's black.

I like to have all of my items on the same color hangers. White is my preference, because I can find white hangers in an abundance at any store, and I can also see them in any lighting.
Also, I like to hang more than one item to a hanger at a time if I'm running low, or don't have the room. I do to this with mostly skirts and shorts. As a general rule, I only hang daytime clothes--anything besides t-shirts, leggings, and pajamas. If it's hanging, it's something I would photograph. If it's rolled up in my hanging organizer, I'm usually sleeping in it, or wearing it under something else. Since I don't have a dresser, I optimize the space that I have by using hanging organizers.

It may seem natural to shove all your clothes on hangers and call it a day, but when it comes to creating outfits, you want to separate your daytime clothes and your lounging clothes. As a general rule, if I'd sleep in it, it gets rolled up and put in a hanging organizer. Mine is old and borderline decrepit from Target's One-Spot section. Back to schools season is the best for buying organizational items because they're in season and cheaper. If you have a dresser, than that’s perfect as well.

Also, I have a collection of purses and bags, and to keep them off the floor and off the rack, I hang them off of command strips, placed in the far edges of my closet.


Now, using those tips, I came up with my perfect fall outfit just by looking at my closet!

Beanie--Vinted//Cardigan--Thrifted//Gingham Dress, as Top--Vinted
Skirt--Forever 21+//Boots--Thrifted

Vinted and I are coming together to giveaway a free $30 voucher to Vinted!
All you have to do is:
  • Make an account on Vinted. You can make one here.
  • You must be following KatieLikeMe on GFC.

There are also some bonus entries that you can find down below on the Rafflecopter.
The giveaway ends September 30th, so make sure to enter!


  1. I'd love to enter if Vinted shipped to Canada!
    I really like your organization tips tho.. I just shove everything in my closet :)

  2. I was looking through tumblr for plus size Fall outfits ideas and I found your blog.Therefore I really like your taste of style.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to get on Vinted again.


  4. I keep trying to leave a post and it doesn't show up. Maybe this time it'll work. I love Vinted - thank you so much for doing this giveaway!


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