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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Everyone and their mother knows how to do a messy bun. Grab, roll, secure. It's as easy as that. But, in order to make it look good, it requires some more steps. I'm not about that life. I roll out of bed. get dressed and do my make up all in a half hour before work. I'm lazy and I really can't afford to spend precious minutes rolling a sock down my hair to make it look good.

So, I don't. I have somewhat perfected what I like to call, the Lazy Girl's Hair Bun. It requires maybe a minute of your time and a hair tie, as easy as that.

1) Gather your hair into a high pony tail.
2) Twist your hair into a rope.
3) Wrap it around in a single, flat layer, on top of your head.
4) Bring an elastic around to secure it.
5) Pull it a little to loosen.
6) You're good to go!

Like I said, it's for the lazy gals out there who aren't wanting to spend a lot of time messing with the bun. You can also pin with some bobby pins for extra security, add a hair accessory--the possibilities are endless.

What is your go-to hairstyle for busy mornings?

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