HAIR | Trimming Your Split Ends

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I hate split ends. They cause my hair to tangle and make it look a mess. I don't dig that. And, I don't dig paying oodles of dollars to a hair dresser to snip them off when I can do it myself.

1) Brush your hair.
2) Part your hair down the middle and pin one side away.
3) Start from the back, and pull a small section to the front.
4) Fold the end of the strand over two fingers.
5) Using hair shears, snip off the hairs that are sticking out. Those are split ends. Work your way up the section of hair. Do this to all of your hair, bringing small sections form the back to the front and snipping off the hairs that stick out.
6) Take a shower, and relish in your softer, split end free hair!

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