PINSTRUCTIONALS: Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Monday, October 06, 2014

Pinterest is heaven for recipe lovers. Lovely pictures, photo tutorials and affirmations of ease. It's perfect.

That is, until you try it out and it turns out bad.

As an admitted Pinterest recipe hoarder, I am the first one to admit that the recipes look too good to be true. And, I'm also the first person to admit that I have never tried a Pinterest recipe for the fear that it will rival those of the Man vs Pin fail videos. But, I mustered up my courage, and I'm going to try to make my favorite Pinterest recipes, starting with this one.


A Bundt Pan
1 Can of Large Biscuits
2 Cups of Shredded Cheese
Pepperoni Slices
Pizza Sauce
Garlic Powder

1) Grease the bundt pan. I'm using extra virgin olive oil to grease mine, but a baking spray would suffice.

2) Pour a 1/4 of your pizza sauce into the pan, coating it.

3) Cut your biscuits into quarters.

4) Place some biscuit quarters (not all!) into the pan.

5) Add some cheese, pepperoni,garlic powder and a little oregano.

6) Repeat step 2-3 until all ingredients are used up.

7) Bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 F or 180 C!

8. When it's done baking, remove from oven and place pan upside down on plate. The pizza bread should easily plop out.

9. Serve in slices with your favorite pizza dipping sauce!

Though this doesn't look exactly like the pin itself (do they ever?), I was happy--and my boyfriend and roommate, both pizza loving guys--were ecstatic. I personally, would use less sauce and use more cheese, for a cheesier kind of bread, and I would use way more pepperoni. But, for a first timer, I think it did great.

This is my first attempt at following Pinterest recipes and frankly, I was a little scared of the process. I've seen way too many Pinterest fails than success stories, and I couldn't find this specific recipe with photo instructions, so I wasn't expecting much. But, I'm glad that it turned out edible and delicious!

Feel like pinning this recipe? Here is a pinstructional (with a link to the OP!)

Are there any Pinterest recipes you want me to try? Link 'em my way and I'll give them a shot!
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