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Monday, November 23, 2015

Bitter winds and faux leather--be still my heart.

Top--Forever 21
Photos by Tony
The first snow of the season was a few days ago and all that remains are little pockets here and there of iced over snow. It'll melt away to welcome warmer temperatures, only for more snow to replace it later this week. I love snow, which I realize makes me sound crazy. But, truly, snow is such a lovely, nostalgic, harbinger of coveted warmth experience.

I bought this parka jacket early this year from Target and this is my first time wearing it. It still had it's tag on! It's a long hooded parka with quilted faux leather sleeves and a fuzzy hood. It's pretty warm, too, not that it was too too cold outside.

Today was a super casual, not going anywhere or doing anything kind of day. I'm mentally preparing myself for the retail hell coming this week. 
Stay tuned to see if I survive.

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  1. Great outfit, love your expression in the last photo!


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