OUTFIT | Thanksgiving 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lots of people spring for the loose-but-chic Thanksgiving outfit.
I'm not one of those people.

Dress (as skirt)--Forever 21
Boots--Forever 21
I don't overeat during the holidays, mostly because I don't even have appetite on a normal day, let alone a holiday, so I don't usually go for the leggings as pants, being as comfortable as can be, looks. More power to you if you do. I tend to go for the "I look good in both family's houses" look, which entails impressing my parents with how they raised such a stylish daughter, while also making my boyfriend's parents proud that their son has such a stylish girlfriend. I'm joking, kinda.

Isn't this dress the most GORGEOUS color? I saw this on clearance a few days ago at Forever 21 and I HAD to grab it. It's the perfect shade of orange for the fall. It's such a wearable orange, too. I threw on a sweater over top of it because it's kind of chilly out, and knotted the skirt up, because long skirts+short Katie=death. I'm really loving these Autumnal colors, too bad they'll be gone soon. 
Happy Thanksgiving, my American followers!

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