Dresslink Wishlist

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dresslink Wishlist

Dresslink contacted me a while ago, and asked me if I'd be willing to work with them, and I accepted!
My order is on it's way, but I wanted to share with you my anticipated goodies!

Firstly, I'm a sucker for statement necklaces, even though I don't own any. This necklace is going to be my first, and I'm so excited! And, just look at the coin detail! Gorgeous. I'm sad that the roman coin trend a few years ago didn't hit the US.

This dress, guys, this dress is going to be perfect when it's summer again! Loose, sheer, and cute. Imagine it with a flower crown in the middle of a field (or a farm, because that's all that's in Indiana), and that's the look I'm going for!

I have ALWAYS wanted a satchel like this, and I'm so excited that this bag is going to be mine! It's going to be great for romantic outfits, and outfits that need a little structure in the handbag. Super, duper cute!

Dresslink is a great site for cute and affordable items! They have $0.01 items, and free shipping items, you can save a lot of money! I'm excited to get my items and share my experience with you all!

*This post is sponsored by Dresslink and all opinions are my own!

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  1. Cute items!



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