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Monday, December 14, 2015

Taking photos indoors has never, ever gone this smoothly.

Socks--Sock Dreams

Doesn't the light look so buttery smooth? Ugh, I'm so in love. I recently picked up some studio lighting off of Amazon and man, do they make a difference. I'm glad I picked some up. because as the weather gets crappier and crappier, these are going to be perfect for taking photos indoors with minimal light.

On to the outfit, this coat is super lightweight, which is great because it's like, 60 outside, and that's the opposite of the kind of weather I want and need right now. So, this fall coat was perfect today! Besides the coat, it was a pretty basic outfit: long sleeve striped tee, skirt, high socks and boots. The stripes act as a neutral and help the coat stand out, while the black everywhere else just accentuates the red. For just throwing things together, I'm really impressed with this outfit, and I'm definitely going to repeat this soon. Katie Lee, outfit repeater.
Happy Monday!

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