Check it Out: Kushyfoot's Winter Collection

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is it obvious I like socks? Because I do, like a lot. I was given the opportunity to check out some of Kushyfoot's winter collection and I'm excited to share my opinions with you!

Flats to Go
I don't wear flats often, but when I do, I prefer the foldable kind, the kinds I can shove in my purse. These flats are portable and are meant to save your feet after a long day on heels. These are in an alligator pattern and are so comfortable. You'll see that that is a common theme in this!

Slingback Lace Top Toe Covers

Open back shoes are weird, guys. Like really weird, in the sense that your heel is pretty exposed while your toes are crammed into the front of a shoe. These toe covers are to help your toes stay protected while your heel hangs out, free and open. They're dainty and cute too!

Sport Foot Socks
These socks are for athletics but man they are soft and comfortable! They're low cut but they stay on surprisingly well. 

Fleece Lined Trouser Socks
Fleece lined anything is my jam. Everything is better when lined with fleece. These socks are no exception. These are perfect for under boots because they are thin but warm! They also stay up and don't ride down like most high socks do for me.

Opaque Tights
Control top tights and I are not friends. They don't stay up, and they tend to ride down and annoy the crap out of me. But, these tights are surprising, because they actually stay up, and they feature a messaging sole. They're 40 denier so they are pretty opaque.

*These items were sent to me for free, but all opinions are my own!

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