Winter Layers

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hat--Forever 21
Jeans--Forever 21

I hate to harp on the weather, but it's cold
I don't usually take outfit photos with coats because, I mean, it's a coat, it's there to keep you warm. But, this pink one is so lovely and it needed to be photographed. Plus, like I said, it's cold.

There are for more layers here than you can see. There is a tank under the tunic under a sweater. There are leggings under pants. There is warmth under this outfit, though the face my not reflect that. It may only be 30 outside, but when you live off of a body of water, cold is too cold. I really wanted to play with the pinks in the coat, and I did that with the maroon in the sweater and the hat, along with the pinkish lace tunic under the sweater. Pink in the winter is my jam! Pink, though usually a Spring staple, is such a nice and refreshing color for the winter time because it is far different than the black coats that everyone else wears.

I really need a camel coat and a mustard yellow coat to complete my collection of coats. Better start looking now!

Also, uh, hi short hair.

I recently took the plunge and cut off 9 inches of long, dead hair. My hair is so much more bouncy, and I am LOVING it. It's in a long bob now, and I'm just in love.

What's your favorite color of outerwear?


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love your coat!

    xx Isabel

  2. cute outfit! I really love your look!



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