Friday, May 13, 2016


Black dress, black hat, black boots--the only color in this outfit is on my lips.




Forever 21 Hat / Thrifted Kimono / Thrifted Dress / ModCloth Heeled Boots

...and in the kimono.

It's a sunny day today and I may be crazy for being decked out in black. You learn as a child that darker colors attract the sun and to avoid wearing them in the summer. I remember being like 10 and wearing grey cargo pants and a black tee at school, when a PE teacher took me aside and asked me if I thought it was okay to wear all black. I was a new student and he asked me if I was allowed to wear all black at my old school and I was confused, because grey is not black. It wasn't summer though, and I'm still not sure as to why he was curious as to why a rough and tumble ten year old was wearing dark clothes. I guess I'll never know.

An outdoor lunch and walk around the city is in the works today, so let's hope I don't fry!

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  1. Ugh YES to this look, I love everything. Witch chic is my favourite haha you look fab <3


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