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Sunday, October 08, 2017

I've mentioned this a million billion times, but I'm moving! In less than a month. We're saying buh-bye to the ~500 sq. foot studio apartment we've called home for 27 months (yes, we signed a lease for a year, and then another for 15 months) and moving to the other side of the city into a more mature neighborhood and larger apartment. It's something we've wanted to do since our career change, but we had just signed our 15 month lease renewal and it would be more of a headache to deal with breaking a lease, so we've dealt with the 25 minute drive to work and the traffic for well over a year and needless to say, we're excited about this move.

Because moving has been on my mind of months, I thought I'd change things up a little bit, and share a little curated post of photos have been heavily inspiring my dreams for my new apartment. Credit is linked below the photo and no infringement is intended!

When you've lived in and loved in a super small apartment, you learn to appreciate shelving, and I'm loving this corner shelving, perfect for knick knacks and books.

Eye-pleasing cluttered bookcases are my jam and I can't wait to set up our open book cases. I have a ton of decor, like decorative candles, vases and plants, that are just on a bar right now that are begging to be put on a bookcase like the one above. 

Though our kitchen is on the darker side of the color spectrum (dark oak cabinets, black stainless steel appliances), I still really love the look of bright white canisters and silver kitchen tools, but this is more of an inspiration of how I would style my kitchen, and not actually how I could ever have my kitchen look. Rent life.

I don't even need to say this, but I love hats. And, storing hats is not the easiest thing, so I love this hanging hat setup and how it looks like a feature wall. It's so cool!

Corner Decorating by Danielle Moss on Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

That black wall is what dreams are made of. I've been really into accent walls recently and a black accent wall is in my future.

I don't get all of my inspiration from Pinterest--Noelle from Noelle's Favorite Things' apartment is so gorgeous, and The Goodrich Wife's black walls, succulents and gallery walls are a huge inspo. And, she's also here in Indy, too, which is inspiring in itself. I also binge watch HGTV, so the dreaminess of subway tile a la Johanna Gaines, and chic modern sight lines via the Property Brothers are not lost on me. 

What inspires your home style? Do you believe that personal fashion style and home decor style are connected in anyway? 

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