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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cozy Corner papason blanket ladder Google Home

Cozy Corner gallery wall moon light

Cozy Corner gallery wall moon light

Cozy Corner fireplace mantle stag head horse head mantle decor

It has been a slow start to this Sunday, but I wanted to share the finished pieces of our new place, being the wall above the couch, the fireplace mantle and the cozy corner.

Tony loves a good papason, so he gladly took this Pier 1 papason from his parents when we moved to our studio over 2 years ago. After a few accidents involving cats and territorial issues, it's back with a new cushion and cats are banned from it. Behind the papason is a blanket ladder, with my favorite cozy blankets draped over it.

On the gallery wall, we have an eclectic mix of things that really showcase who we are. The triangle shelves are from Five Below from about a year ago, the crescent moon light is from Target that I stalked until it went on clearance. The succulent in the large triangle shelf is from Target, and the qhite quartz stone is from Home Goods. The amethyst in the smaller triangle shelf was a gift from Tony from GenCon. The gazelle head with gilded horns, the bunny head and the golden diamond are also from Target and the hat with ears is from eBay way back when, and all the frames are from Meijer from years ago, when they were cents on the dollar on clearance. For real, we bought so many of these. The prints in the frames, the ampersand, the arrows and the "Adventure Awaits" (which you can barely see) are from a gallery wall print book I found in a craft store, but is also available on Amazon, and the pictures of Tony and I are 2 years old now, and need to be replaced ASAP.

The mantle is jam-packed with stuff:  The stag head above the fireplace is from Target from a few years ago, but Target always has these porcelain fixtures. The horse head, or what I refer to it as "the majestic horse head" was something I fawned over for YEARS until the store clearanced it from $45 to $15, but you can find similar ones on Amazon. The copper glitter candle is 3 years old from H&M and will never be burned. The gold frame is from Michael's. The concrete succulents are from Five Below. The string art "T" I made from this piece of wood I found in the Dollar Spot at Target and nails and string I already owned. The big frame is from Meijer, and the smaller "T" is from Michael's. The golden heart, the marble candle holder and the golden vase is from Target and the poorly spray painted silver bunny is from Kroger.

We're not anywhere close to being completely unpacked--we need a bookcase and shelves for our books and for trinkets. Indiana got its first Ikea last month, so we've been making the 10 minute pilgrimage to the cheap furniture and decor mecca to get a tangible idea as to what kind of shelves and bookcases we want. But, we're getting there and I'm just so fortunate to having a loving and supportive fiance who shares the same design ideas.

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